Monday, April 02, 2007

Not the best painter...

I am certainly not a Monet or a Picasso. Nor am I Joe's Painting service. In fact, I'm on the blacklist - those folks who shouldn't be painting at all. I'll show you an example...or two...or three.

So this was a little oops. Not terrible, just a little bump off of the edge. I did tape here, but not really sure what happened. O.K. That we can fix. Let's take a look at the next one.

Now, this one is also a little oops. I was getting the wall painted and the roller slipped a bit. Again, not a big deal, easily corrected. Well, this wasn't the only ceiling oops - there's more...

This one is a bit more obvious as it's right on the corner opposite the door when you walk in the room. It pretty much announces itself to anyone coming in - "HEY - LOOK AT ME! I'M A PURPLE PAINT SPOT ON THE CEILING!" Sad part is - this spot is all of 24" from the spot in the previous picture. Maybe I can claim that was the last corner I did and call them tired mistakes. Let's see what's left:
Yeah. This has nothing to do with being tired. This is all about a bad tape job. I guess that my painting technique itself isn't the problem, but my tape job is. Well, looking at the picture it may be both. Geez. I not only leaked under the tape, but I also apparently went right over the top as well. I really dig the purple but now I need some white to cover up these spots. They are all waaaaay too obvious to ignore, and since it is purple on white, it speaks to me whenever I enter the room.

So, like I said above, I'm on the banned list...until the spirit moves me to paint another room. Heeeyyyyy...wouldn't the living room look nice in sand?

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