Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Grand Adventure Day 5

The human body is an amazing thing. I'm five days out from major surgery and am sitting here at home, typing on a computer (it's a laptop and I'm heavily drugged and this most likely will be all I do today, but still!). The surgery went very well. The surgeon even repaired a hernia left from when I had my gall bladder out 6 years ago (that guy really was a butcher!) and did a bang up job on my top and bottom (not the actual bottom - that's still all here). I'm feeling a bit like I was hit by a truck, but thankfully Patti and Henry are here to do basically everything that I would normally be doing, including child wrangling, so we're in good shape. I'm not allowed to do much of anything, including standing up straight, but I was released yesterday to take a show, which I'll do tonight. I'm also still not allowed (nor in any shape to) drive, climb stairs, or lift more than about 5 lbs. So, I'm healing up and feeling very good about the whole thing. The first two days were quite painful, and each day since has gotten a little better.

Considering I went from a size 40FF to a large B / small C cup (not sure what size just yet) the boys are TINY! They are so cute and perky now - it's WILD! I've never been able to see the bottom of them without lifting them up, and now I can. It's such an odd sensation. And I could go on about these guys forever...

But for now I'll leave it at this so I can sleep some more. I have the before picture and will get some others up very soon so you guys can see where I started from. Then, in a few more weeks after the rest of the drains and bandages come off (two drains out yesterday - two more out probably next week) I'll get some after pics. The swelling will take up to a year to settle as will my new perky guys, but you can get the gist from clothed pictures!

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