Monday, April 02, 2007

Things I miss about Texas

I realized after we moved to the DC area that things here were very different. While Virginia has a TON to offer, there were certainly some things that I missed about Texas. I was in Texas a week or two ago and snapped a few pictures of some of those things.

Taco Cabana's quesadilla's fajitas, and chips and quesoSonic's drinks, and crushed iceDo-it-yourself car washes
Wide open spaces on well traveled roads
Hobby Lobby Craft Stores
Walmart Supercenters
Fields of Bluebonnets, bunches on the sides of the roads
HEB Grocery Stores

and last but not least, good buddies


henna's hearsay said...

Well I miss the billboardless roadways in VA and the lack of XXX palors.

Having access roads is mighty nice though!

Suzie said...

Ha ha ha!!! Isn't that the truth! Haven't seen an XXX parlors here yet, and haven't missed the billboards one it! ;) Suzie