Friday, October 13, 2006


Here it is quite cold and me without a warm coat. Actually I have several varieties of coats that suited my needs in Texas, but now I find that they are just not enough. Tom told me today that 30 degrees was about the coldest that it gets here....yeah...he was kidding...I know. But, my lovely jacket that's carried me through so many winters in Texas really doesn't fit. It fit before I was pregnant (with the little boys I should say...) but hasn't really fit since. It's the ideal coat but not the right size. Then, I have a nice new trench coat that I wore in New York in February (in the snow I'll add). It was nice and fit the bill at the time, but how odd is it for me to go out of the house in sneakers a ball cap and a trench coat. The other jackets that I have are all too light. I have those great coat that Becky's mom passed along that looks great on me and keeps me warm, as long as it doesn't get too cold. I wore that one today and was quite comfy, but the sun was out and it was hovering in the 50's.

So, I guess I'm off over the weekend to find that just so perfect coat. I dislike clothes shopping not because I dislike clothes shopping, but because I dislike trying on three thousand different ________ (shirts, jeans, pants, jackets - you fill in the blank) until I find the one that fits me properly. Same problem with the coats. I need one that covers everything properly and does not bind, but at the same time doesn't make me look like a little girl wearing her momma's clothes. So, the hunt is on, and hopefully it will be a quick (and not too terribly expensive) one. I won't even go on my whole buying a coat at the beginning of the season tirade....I'll save that for after I find the perfect coat.

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