Friday, October 27, 2006

Found Ric Rac Nirvana...

So I ducked into what I thought was a teeny weeny fabric store today right next to our Barnes and Noble/Starbucks. Needless to say we were heading to SB for coffee while we were waiting for Tom to get his car inspected. We never made it to SB. I walked into what I thought was a small fabric store. i didn't see a register anywhere and only one employee. The room was about the size of my living room - not very big for a fabric store. So, the little boys and I were peeking at the Halloween fleece (it's cold here - fleece is always on our minds!) and I noticed a woman going down an escalator. So, we followed her downstairs and WHAM! This place is HUGE! It's basically a little tiny place on top and on the bottom is underneath the Barnes and Noble and about five other small shops. It has all kinds of upholstery fabrics and stuff for sewing and ROWS AND ROWS of ric rac. There were all kinds of sizes, all kinds of colors and some cool sparkle ones too! And this was just the ric rac aisle. I was simply amazed by how large this place was. And they say everything bigger in Texas...I beg to differ after seeing this place!

So, now I'm loaded up on some basic colors of ric rac and know where to find all the ribbons, ric rac, and other types of sewing themed embellishments that I will ever need for my scrapbooks - right under Barnes and Noble!

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