Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sam's Pants

We were at the Silver Diner tonight after Max's soccer game as it is Sunday and it is breakfast for dinner night. Dr. Auntie Ray was there with us - she's visiting us until Wednesday. So we're sitting there and Ian announces that he needs to go t the bathroom. So he and Tom head out. Then, Sam starts digging in his pants and As I'm telling him to get his hands out of his pants I notice that it looks like he has underwear on. Well, after a quick realization that Sam doesn't wear underwear yet as he's not anywhere near potty trained, Max announces that Sam has underwear on. I feel the front of his pants and while it feels dry, I realize that it must have been wet and dried as he's been without underwear for at least two hours and he's never successfully worn underwear for more than 20 minutes. So, we head quickly to the bathroom and I put him in front of the potty and tell him to pee. He does not, but explains that he doesn't have to right now. I warn him that he should not pee in his underwear and we head back to dinner. We make it through dinner, through the drive home and play for about 15 minutes before a bath without any accidents. Who knows. Maybe this is the beginning of the end of diapers for Sam! Ian's good to go with only one accident in the past week and a half (he was in the bathroom and was washing his hands between eating and peeing and just didn't quite make it), so we count him as potty trained - he goes by himself and hasn't needed any reminders other than to wash his hands. So, two down, one to go!

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