Wednesday, October 04, 2006

One More Thing

So Ian is wearing underwear today. He has peed in the potty several times over the past few days and he has also gone #2 twice in the past two days, on his own, in the potty. So, I told him that instead of tearing through diapers (he wants a new one each time he goes to the bathroom) that he needs to wear underwear. He's fine with it and seems to understand that he's to go tot he bathroom and not in his underwear. So, Ian was sitting on the potty and Sam was keeping him company. Sam says 'Mommy, diaper LEAKING down my leg!" with a BIG grin. I see that he is correct and wonder why the heck his diaper is leaking. He pulls his short down and he's got NO DIAPER ON. He says again "Mommy, diaper LEAKED!" a bit more insistent this time. In an attempt NOT to burst out laughing I go get him another diaper then calmly explain to him that he cannot take his diaper off and then pee on the floor. If he wants to pee in the potty, he can wear underwear like Ian, but for now he has to wear his diaper. Guess it's just one of those days.

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