Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Max Funny

So every day after school I ask Max how his day was and what he did in class that day. He always spits out all the things that he did in Spanish class (which is his math and science class) and periodically pops out that he read with a partner in his English class. This immersion program is a partial immersion program, so he spends half the day in Spanish and the other half the day in English. He's picking up the Spanish very quickly and hasn't had any trouble understanding the teacher nor has he complained once about the stuff that he's learning in there.

So, I asked him last week what he did in his English class, because I suspect that he does things in there too but that I rarely hear about them. He pipes up and replies "Nothing! We don't do anything in there!" Knowing full well that this isn't the case (and that's he's 6 and this is what six year olds reply to just about any questions that you ask) I pushed him a bit further. He then went to to describe reading partners and his journal. I asked him what he writes about in his journal and he says...SPANISH CLASS! He absolutely cracks me up!

Thinking back I realized that most of what he does in his English class he doesn't see as work. They read, they write, and he is really enjoying himself. The reason that the talks about the Spanish so often is that a) it is a novel thing still, and b) it's science and math and he really seems to enjoy learning all about that stuff.

So thus far this year Max is having a stellar time in First Grade!

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The Firth Five said...

sounds like Brendan! He does nothing in first grade! Hee.