Monday, March 17, 2008

Missing the CAT NOISES of all things

It's funny how much little critters of various types work their way into our lives. I have lived basically my entire adult life, and a good deal of my life as a kiddo with a pet or one type or another. But guinea pigs, hamsters, hermit crabs, goldfish, parakeets, tetras, and rats aren't the kind who follow you around the house nuzzling up against you, and certainly when they are gone they are missed. But when the cat is gone from the house, as ours is tonight, it's an eerie feeling and an eerie quiet that settles over the whole place (after the kids are in bed of course - otherwise it's REALLY LOUD).

We're heading out of town tomorrow and so we hauled Bunsen off to the vet (the vet who loves Bunsen a lot and always has a big huge smile for him when he comes to visit) so he could rest and relax in the care of someone else for a few days. So our house is quiet, and kinda creepy. And tomorrow, when we leave and Tom is here by himself (he's flying out later this week) it's going to be even quieter...and even MORE creepy - and he's already mentioned that! How weird is that? How will we possibly cope when we are old and there aren't any more pets or kids around...

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