Tuesday, March 11, 2008

4 am?

"You got up WHEN?" I asked my oldest while he was getting ready for school.

"Actually, I got up at 1am, then went back to sleep, then got up again at 4 and came downstairs to play." he tells me as I gag on my cereal. "Son (call him this and he KNOWS he's in trouble) that's not a good idea. Next time you get up that early - or any time before 7, you get back in bed, even if you have to stare at the ceiling for three hours."

Yes, that was this morning as THREE people in my house were sick. Max, one who isn't sick, went on to explain that he really did get up twice and that he didn't want to wake up anyone else so he came down and played...at 4am. Yeah, highly likely that he'll get it next.

This of course came before the conversation with #3 about how he threw up in the trash can (left in their room solely for that purpose) FOUR or FIVE HOURS earlier. Yes, it was just sitting there in the can all day and he failed to mention this to me until bedtime.

So, Tom, Ian, and Sam all stayed home sick today. Hopefully Ian will head to school tomorrow as he's over the worst of it, but Sam's worst was today and Tom is on the mend. Bunch of sickies they are...and no finger pointing - I'm hoping to pass this round up by sleeping as much as possible and staying as FAR away from the entire family for as long as possible. It's working so far, but keep your fingers crossed for me.

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