Saturday, March 01, 2008

Five Years Ago - Feb 25, 2003

(Apologies for this being a few days late - busy birthday this year!)
It was a dark and snowy night (well, it was dark because it was late but it was snowy)...

So we loaded the larger version of me into Tom's truck and headed out on the normally short drive to the hospital that ended up taking a very, very long time in the snow.

We arrived, slept a bit, then shortly after Ian and Sam arrived! We were a very thankful Momma and Daddy (See large pregnant lady in above pic and image the cool guy behind the camera)

See here's the cool daddy with Sam:

And of course the very excited big brother Max with his new little brother Ian:

Happy Fifth Birthday Ian and Sam!

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The Firth Five said...

Happy 5th to the other February twins! Have a great day celebrating!!!