Saturday, March 29, 2008

Apologies and love

It's bad when your Dad calls to check in because he hasn't seen a post in a few days and he's worried that you didn't make it home from the trip (not that you weren't posting!). Apologies for that, but I was hit with a case of strep throat and am just now coming out of the fog. Thank goodness for a doctor that has openings when I need, who faxes prescriptions to the pharmacy so that they are ready by the time I get there, and who even cracks a joke about how hard it is to take the throat swab strep test when you have strep - it just plain hurts. And thank goodness for a quick pharmacy, but most of all Prednisone. Yes, I'm thanking Prednisone. Now I'm probably swelling up like a puffer fish right now, but it did reduce the swelling in my throat so that I can eat, talk, and oh yea, breathe without trouble. Ran into that a few nights ago and instead of waking Tom I wandered the house alone until I could get my throat to settle enough. Anyway, Doctor said to head to the ER for breathing difficulties like that, but who has that presence of mind at 3am? Certainly not me...

So thanks Prednisone for making my evenings quieter, my throat calmer, and giving me a bit of a boost during the day. Funny doctor mentioned that it might make me jittery. Well, it hasn't (I was hoping for some extra mojo during the day here), but it sure is easier to breathe, and every bit counts!

So over the next few days I'll be filling you in on some cool stuff that we did over the past week and a half. We have plane rides filled with puke, video chats with cousins, a super kid produced show for you, lumpy bumpy jeep rides, peeing in a national forest (you don't get to see that but I'll share), and most of all a wedding (not mine silly...that's over and done with almost 10 years ago). So keep checking back in and I'll get these loaded in as my waking hours allow. I'm still on Take Care of Suzie Duty, but really thanking Tom and the kids for taking care of themselves the past few days. When Mom says that she can't make you lunch, it's great to know that they'll not starve. Good kids. Great hubby. Nite nite for now!


Slice of Paradise said...

I hate being sick as a mom ~ everyone still wants you to DO things! ;)

It sounds like you guys had a great time on your trip though ~ yeah!!

Stimey said...

My kids have never had strep (knock on wood), but I've had it twice in the past three years.

Hope you feel better soon!

(My mom harasses me if I haven't posted often enough for her taste.)