Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Finally Get It...

I never quite understood HOW parents could possibly over schedule their kids. I always though that they are the parents - they are in control and dictate their kids' schedule, right? WRONG. I finally get it. And we've finally run into it head on.

My oldest (Max) plays soccer. It's indoors right now, so it's just games on Saturdays. The little two take gymnastics once a week for an hour. So far so good - one hour a week for each kid. But a few days ago we went ice skating and Max asked for lessons (Ian and Sam weren't quite sure about the whole ice skating thing). O.K. We can do that in the summer when soccer is over. I asked and they do have lessons over the summer, so that's fine. Then we walked into the little boys' gymnastics and my world came crashing down. Max asked to have gymnastics along with his little brothers. You see, while I don't consider myself a sucker, that thought did run through my mind as I told him to ask at the desk if there were any openings. Max had gymnastics when he was younger and not only loved it, but it helped his coordination greatly. Besides, he's only got one other activity on his plate, right? (they were full for the next session, we were added to the wait list, and I'm sure this will come up again soon - very soon.)

No, this is two activities for each kiddo (but the gymnastics might not come up until the fall, so Max is really back down to one), which is still not a lot. But where does it stop? Oh wait - there's one more that I forgot. My oldest is also participating on an Odyssey of the Mind team, which meets once a week through March. They are preparing for a competition, so it might get a bit more complicated, but they are the younger set, so they have less prep than they will next year (if they decide to do this again). So, let's count again. Oldest has two, plus wants to add one, and little guys have one. Geez, the little guys are starting soccer soon, so they will have two also. Oh, and my oldest is taking another after school class stating soon, so that too will add to the mess.

So you see how easy it is to get sucked in to all of this? Here I was just minding my business, offering my kiddos some activities that I thought they'd enjoy, and suddenly we are teetering on that line of being over scheduled. How are you supposed to know how much is too much? And how do you choose between these great activities? I don't mind carting them around (but ask me again when the little two start kindergarten next year), but when do you call it quits on the registrations? I haven't figured that one out yet, but if I ever do I'll certainly let you know.

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Mamalang said...

I have a 2 activities rule...but of course there have been exceptions made and now, there are days that we feel that exhaustion. I do still limit, but it is hard...I want them to be able to try new things, and there are so many activities to try. I would love if they had some sort of rotation plan...sign up for a year, and do this activity for a month, this one for a on. If your child really loved something, it would be a lot easier and cheaper. And it could be on the same night every week, so it would be easy to work in the schedule.

Sigh, such good ideas wasted.