Thursday, January 03, 2008

Color Studies

It isn't really a study, but more of an awakening to my surroundings. I figure that since I scrapbook and create art, I might as well be more aware of what is all around me. I think that there's a lot more here than I realize (Look, I barely avoided saying "There's More Than Meets The Eye" - you just HAVE to see the Transformers movie if you were a child of the 80's and haven't seen it yet).

I digress. Not a big surprise.

Each week I'll pick a color and take a few photos from the color family. It's my way of taking a closer look at my surroundings. Some of the early picture I expect will be of things that some of you may even have seen. But as I go along I hope to gain an awareness of my living and working and playing spaces - more so than what I have now. I'm sure you will also see pictures of me and the family - they wear colors and are a unique pinkish / peachish color as well (who knows what that week will be.

So, here's the first of my year long Color Studies! I have to start with blue - it's all around me and is more of a photography challenge than a color challenge this time. I'll float through this color again later, but for now, here goes:

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Leanne said...

Hhhm. Like the idea, and you started with my favorite colour too.