Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cat Food

We have a (that means one, singular) cat who is a whopping 12 lbs and eats 1/2 cup of food twice per day. He has this great thing called a bowl that I (or Tom) dump his food into, and he generally polishes it all off in between meals. He's not a fat cat or a skinny cat, he's a jsut right cat. And there's only ONE of him.
So you can imagine my surprise when I went to feed him and found this:
If you look closely from this angle you'll see that there is a MOUNTAIN of food in his dish.

I'm sure that Bunsen didn't mind - he's the kind that rolls with the punches that way. But we did talk to the kids about this - not going into how expensive the food is or how when you change the mix of his food at all (or feed him too much) he barfs his dinner up...

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Leanne said...

I'm a lazy cat owner. We have a cat and I just dump food into his bowl when ever I think about it. It ALWAYS has food in it though. Our cat is ten pounds, not too big, not too skinny either. He eats when he's hungry and the rest of the time the food just sits there. He never gets sick. Low maintenance - I like that about my cat.