Thursday, November 16, 2006

Time with New Friends

Last night I went to Mom's Night out for the fourth time (or so). Of the time's I've attended it was the most relaxing and enjoyable one. PLUS, I smell like a bar-b-que! We had MNO in someone's backyard and she had this great fire pit there. It was cool out but not cold, and the fire warmed us right up. We stayed and visited until 11pm, and we were all enjoying ourselves so much that no one really knew that it had gotten so late. It was the kind of relaxing night out that I really like. You can never spend too much time out with your girlfriends, and certainly as a SAHM that's an important thing to do.

We roasted marshmellows and made S'mores, and there was wine and good conversation. I haven't had S'mores in years, so this was a nice treat (mine were sans chocolate, of course.) Next month we're off to a new restaurant for our Dec MNO, and if last month's restaurant is any indication, it will be yummy. But, there's something about spending time with your friends and then coming home smelling like a home cooked bar-b-que. Maybe it's the Texan in me, but you just can't beat that.

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