Saturday, November 25, 2006

I LOVE a Parade!

So the weather has improved over the past few days, and it's actually nice. It's been in the 60's for two days now, so after the blisteringly cold day before Thanksgiving and the nasty rainy T-Giving Day, I was ready for my parade. We were planning on meeting the Brockman's over in Reston and were going to watch the parade together. Woke up on Friday and it was a beautiful day - perfect parade weather. So, we scrambled out of the house, and as Tom and I were getting the boys ready to go, I asked Max to run out and see if there were diapers in the diaper bag. After about three minutes we hear this blood curdling scream. max had smashed his hand int eh door, and it was still in there. Tom scrambled down the stairs and out the front door faster than I've seen anyone move, and he opened back up the side door of the van and removed Max's hand. I grabbed my purse and headed outside, knowing that we were either heading to the parade, the doctor, or the ER.

As it turns out, we hit the doctor first, who was a little concerned about the shape of Max's ring finger (kinda crooked looking but probably just tissue swelling). She sent us the the local children's hospital to get x-rays (the regular x-ray place was closed as it was the day after Thanksgiving). No breaks, no fractures, and three hours later we missed the parade. We were all sad, but life goes on and you do miss some parades along the way, so the boys understood (good kiddos we have here!). After we got home and Tom went to work, I settled in to watch UT dismantle the Texas A & M football team. Once again I was sorely disappointed. Texas didn't show up for the game, and lost to a team that they should have easily beat. A & M was out for blood and they brought their A game, and I guess UT just wasn't there for it. So, another disappointment for the day.

But, it was beautiful weather, as it was again today. Tom took the kids and went to the park with the Brockman's, and I headed to M's to grab some lights for the house. So, not such a bad day today, and tomorrow looks like it will be just as nice. FSU lost their football game today, but we were expecting that, so not a big surprise at all. It wasn't the parade that I wanted, but a sunny day hanging out with friends sure does beat all.

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