Monday, November 13, 2006

One of those weird things...

So I need to make plane reservations to go to the IRW Convention in Savannah, Ga in March. I've been waiting for the prices to drop and they finally have. Problem is, I am apprehensive about getting these tickets. It's not about the convention, but the tickets themselves. You see, all this goes back to about two years ago and me making plane reservations while drinking a glass of wine. I'll start by saying, in this day and age, it is SOOOO much easier to make reservations online. HOWEVER, never drink while doing so. It is a fast and relatively painless process, but since the wine incident I approach it with some trepidation. (Bet you never knew that I was afraid of online ticket booking...did you?) The story is thus. I was getting tickets for the family to go somewhere fun (probably Florida as we were in Texas at the time). I had to get the tickets in two separate transactions for some reason - like FF miles or something similar. Can't remember off the top of my head, but it doesn't matter. So, I get all the tickets and start in on the second batch (which, if I recall correctly was my ticket only - everyone else's had been purchased). Anyway, I was enjoying my glass of wine throughout this transaction. Having purchased countless numbers of tickets online in the past, this was nothing new. Pick the airline, date, flights, even seats, all in under 10 minutes. Got the credit card info in there and printed out my itineraries. Called Tom and told him they were purchased. he glanced at the tickets and jokingly said that they were on the wrong day. Hah! That's Tom's standard joke - wrong name, wrong date, etc. Well, he wasn't joking this time. I just purchased tickets for me to fly one day after my family flew out - same flight just one day later. Now, after a slight panic I handed the transactions over to Tom so he could call and correct. You see, once they print the tickets out there's a change fee. Even for online ticketing, if you don't catch it immediately, it's too late. We learned all of this from the lovely person who helped us change the tickets to the correct day so I could join my family in flight.

Fast forward to now. I sit here with the flights I want on the screen but have yet to purchase the tickets. I guess it's because I want Tom to look over them before I buy them. This isn't even a trip that he's going on, but I'll have him check it anyway. All the flights I have since that wine-altered flight - you'd think I'd be more confident than this when making the online reservation, but no. Not a chance. I guess that incident scarred me for life. Now the secret is out. Some folks don't like to do karaoke without a friend, I need a friend close by so I can purchase a plane ticket.

Then again at least I don't have to stand in line at the airport with my paper tickets. Did that once recently because of vouchers. Never again. If it isn't an electronic check in where I can check in online ahead of time and then dump my bags and run, then it's not for me. Guess these tickets will just have to wait until tomorrow when Tom's up - he's already asleep and I just can't hit that purchase button.

Update 11/16/06: Yeah, fianlly bought those tickets - with Tom's keen eyes checking the details for me...sigh...

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