Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bummer football day...

So BOTH FSU and Texas lost today. FSU was slaughtered (and I'm not kidding) by Wake Forest, of all teams. WF beat FSU 30-0. Yes, 30-0. FSU's first shut out at home almost since I was born, and certainly since Bowden has been coaching there. They played like a middle school girls' team from South Dakota (no offense to those middle school girl football players in South Dakota, of course). They were terrible, just terrible.

Texas, on the other hand, at least showed up for the game. However, coming in ranked #4 in the country with aspirations of playing int he title game, as well as being 3 touchdown favorites, you would have thought they made a better showing in their quest for oh, say, a win. They lost to Kansas State, yes, K-State, 45-42. While the score seems close, UT's #1 QB was knocked out after the first series. Texas fell behind, and their #2, who has yet to see playing time this season, had to step up. And step up he did. However, due to his lack of playing time, lack of leadership, and the lack of the rest of the team doing their job, they lost too. It all comes down to points. He who scores the most points wins.

Coach, what do you think your team could have done differently to win the game?
Well, I guess we could have scored more touchdowns.

Coach, why do you think they beat you tonight?
Well, they scored more points than we did.

Simple math here. Bummer for UT and certainly for FSU.

Not sure if I've ever seen the FSU stands so eerily quiet or empty so early in the game. They turned on the team so early and walked away. The FSU fans - who sit through some pretty sad games - walked away. By the end of the third quarter the stands had emptied out. The fans actually game up on their team. While over at the UT game, the fans were pouring into the stands. The commentators were saying that folks were hopping off the couch and driving to the game to check it out - standing room only by the end of the game. A tight one it was, and the fans stuck it out.

Then again UT scored some points - any points - and the fans appreciate that. FSU has the lovely reputation now of being beaten by...Wake their own stadium. Like I said...bummer football day.

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