Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It's Almost Thanksgiving Day

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Not sure what to say about that yet. We'll see how it goes. It should be a great day of football and food, and we're hanging out with some great old friends, so all should be well. But, it's SO FREAKING COLD HERE!!! I thought I was getting used to it, but man, today was a cold one. I'm also getting that chilled to the bone feeling a lot more these days. You know the feeling - where your fingers are so cold that they hurt..then you can't feel them anymore. Eventually you can't really move them unless you have them under the hot water. Or there's the cold where your toes, which are inside socks AND slippers are so cold that they tingle. Man oh man - what did we sign up for? Today was really the first COLD cold day. It's been this chilly before (30's and 40's) but the sun has been out. Apparently that makes all the difference in the world. TOday it was overcast - even Ian was askign where they blue was - why was the sky white? I think a snow sky will blow his little mind. Anyway, it is quite chilly outside - currently it says 37 degrees on a thermometer right against our hosue in the back, so it's pretty close to really freaking cold here. Yes, I know that it will get worse, and yes, I know that I'll get used to it, but I'm allowed to complain right now aren't I? And here I thought I was doign so well - LL Bean jacket, fuzzy scarves, warm gloves, warm hat...guess they aren't doing the trick in the house. Must be missing something here - there's a secret that Northerners haven't yet let me in on. Gotta hunt one down and find out what that little secret it.

..then again there's always Tom's solution - snuggle up with him. Hah!!! Yeah, right...

(No, it hasn't snowed here yet, but there's a pic of the lake in the neighborhood behind us and what it looks like when it does snow. Apprently they play hockey on the lake when it gets cold enough. Ice Hockey - what a strange concept.)

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