Thursday, August 24, 2006

What's in YOUR purse?

After reading a blog last night where the woman dug into her purse and listed everything in there, I thought I'd take a stab. I figure that right now there's not too much in there, so no harm ...hopefully. Then, it's your turn!

My Business Cards
Delta Air Lines Trading Card (MD-88 - I think it is Ian's)
March of the Penguins Movie Ticket
Power Rangers DVD Case
MP3 Player and earphones
Altoids Gum (unopened)
Altoids Gum (opened)
Wallet (that's a whole other world so I'll skip the contents for now...)
Three half eaten lollipops (from our recent trip)
Children's Tylenol
Car Keys
Sunglass Case with Advil in it
Sugar Free Halls Defense Vitamin C Drops
Bag of crunched up Nutter Butter Bites
Muscle relaxers (from recent back injury)
Coffeemint Lip Balm
2 pens
Listerine Pocket Paks Oral Care Strips
2 AAA Batteries (also from the recent trip in case my MP3 Player died)

That wasn't too painful. This is one of those things where you never quite know what's in your purse. I knew that there was some weird stuff in there due to our recent trip, but also that I've been switching purses a lot lately (my DH thanks you a lot Becky...) and that I dump the trash pretty regularly. So, now it's your turn - what's in your purse?

We'll skip the wallet for now - that REALLY needs to be cleaned out!

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