Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Jury Duty

You know, I really want to be on a jury - always have. I know, it is a sick sort of fantasy. I'd like to be picked for a jury that only lasts for a few days but is interesting. No property disputes or boring civil cases - something fun and criminal. Problem is, I keep getting called for jury duty when I'm out of state. It happened three times in Florida and just happened again here. While I was in college I was called three different times - for juries in Texas. There was no way that I was flying back in the middle of school to appear for the jury selection pool in the middle of the school year. None of these summons came in the summer, or over a break when I happened to be in Texas, but right smack in the middle of the school year.

Fast forward to today. We ha ve a PO Box that I check about twice a week. It is all the leftover mail from our Texas address - mainly to catch those things where I haven't changed our address. Anyway, I got a very interesting piece of mail htere today. It was sent 8/8, forwarded on 8/12 and showed up sometime over the past three days. It was a jury summons from Georgetown, TX - for TODAY! I called information, called the clerk, and asked what I needed to do. Come to find out that they don't hunt folks down if they miss their summons date - happens all the time she said. Just mail it back and circle the "must live in the county" line and they'll excuse me, she also said. Bummer. Called for Jury Duty AGAIN when I can't go. This makes FOUR TIMES that I've missed my opportunity.

Not really sure what the draw is for me, though. It doesn't pay well, it isn't glamorous, and there's no type of reward of any sort, other than the feeling of satisfaction of participation. You actually lose money on the deal in most places - jury pay rarely covers the cost of parking. Guess I'm really a policy wonk at heart. Guess that I like to think that I'm part of the system - and that the sytem works. Obviously it doesn't, because here I am, someone who really WANTS to be on a jury, never having even gotten the chance. Then again, maybe I'm the exact person they are avoiding - scary woman with a mission...hmmm...I bet they see me coming a mile away... and close the doors....

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