Saturday, August 19, 2006

Peapod to the RESCUE!

Now sure if I mentioned this already, but Peapod is the way to go for getting your groceies. Peapod is a grocery delivery service. All you do is place your order online and they bring the groceries to your door. Best thing on the planet not to have to go to the store (with the kids during the day or late at night by myself). My only complaint is that they don't carry big outside trash cans and they won't deliver my beer. If it did those two things I might just marry Peapod. Regardless, it is the best and I really swear by it. The man showed up at 9:45 tonight with a load of groceries (no trash can, no beer) and went on his nerry way. It took me all of ten minutes to place the order last night, then picka delivery time and send the order in. They charge it right to your credit card or checking account, but only after you've had time to check the order. If anything is missing htey either credit your account or bring the item on the next delivery. If you do have Peapod in your area and haven't tried it out, do it right away. It is the coolest thing ever. They even bring meats and produce and guarantee the freshness. They even take coupons...what more can I say?

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