Saturday, May 16, 2009

Run, Max RUN!

This past Friday night Max participated in his very first track meet - a Hershey's Track meet. It was just about the coolest thing I've ever seen. I was having flashbacks to my own short lived HS track career (somewhere along the way I realized that I wasn't built for running, but that basketball suited me just fine). While Max and his relay team didn't win their events, they did a fantastic job and accomplished all the goals that they set out to accomplish. For the relay team (yes, a relay team made up of 8 and 9 year olds) their goal was not to drop the baton, and not to step out of their lanes. They not only did that, but all the members of the team ran the fastest they've ever run. Max nearly run down the kiddo in front of him, but in 100 meters, there wasn't quite enough time to catch him. Anyway, they got 2nd place in their heat! In Max's other running event, the 400, he started out really strong - in the end too strong to finish up that fast. But, he ran a very good looking race, and considering he'd only run the 400 about 6 times total before that evening, and he certainly saw that with a little more prep next year he really can fly!The long jump - the standing long jump - was a different story. that one needs some work. But considering he never really practiced this one, it was a fun thing to participate in.But, all in all he had a fantastic time, and we are super proud of him for running in his first track meet!

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