Sunday, May 03, 2009

Did you know?

      Here are 13 things I bet you didn't know about me:

      1. I get physically uncomfortable when the TV volume is on an odd number.
      2. I make my kids order their own food at restaurants - and have since they could talk.
      3. I have FIVE holes in my ears, which has nothing to do with the volume of the TV, so the odd number doesn't make me uncomfortable.
      4. I clip my toenails to relieve stress.
      5. I used to get my hair cut to relieve stress, then I got a few bad cuts and that stressed me out more than it helped, so I stopped.
      6. I don't cook. I actually avoid cooking as much as possible because I dislike it that much.
      7. When I was in college I made my Dad fly my dead (and frozen, of course) guinea pig back home to Texas to be buried next to my collection of other dead animals.
      8. I am a night owl - a real night owl. If the world operated from 11am until about midnight (instead of this silly 7am to 6 pm) I'd be a much happier camper.
      9. I love watching cheerleaders compete and perform.
      10. I am afraid of scary, scary movies. I don't see them because they give me nightmares. I'm even afraid of sort of scary movies. Still.
      11. I dislike Elvis, John Wayne, and hot dogs.
      12. My husband calls me un-American because of the last item.
      13. I have never worn makeup, with the exception of my 7th grade year when I wore eyeliner. Thick heavy black eyeliner. Oh yeah, and my wedding. I did wear make up at my wedding.


      Smiling Mama said...

      I'm totally with you on #8. Who decided the world should operate on these crazy hours anyway?!

      BOSSY said...

      The TV volume thing: so funny! Bossy doesn't break along odd or even lines, but she does prefer her TV on 10. (It goes to eleven.) (Just kidding, it goes way higher than eleven but Bossy was doing the whole Spinal Tap joke.) (What do you mean you don't know Spinal Tap?) (OK, Bossy will stop commenting parenthetically now.) (Bye!)