Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Baby Friends

I thought it was so cool when Max made his first baby friend. Then along came Ian and Sam, and while they noticed other babies occasionally, they were really more interested in each other. Now Lucy is at that stage where she's meeting other babies and she's actually interacting with them. It's such a cool stage as they learn to interact, and in Lucy's case, as she tackles them so they can't get away. Yes, tackles them. On two occasions in the past few weeks Lucy has gone to grab and then hug a nearby baby friend. Problem is, these baby friends were attempting to crawl away, and they werent too terribly happy about it. Seems she wants to tag along and they aren't taking too kindly to that. Cute part is, though, that after basically tackling them as they try to crawl away she leans in with her head and gives them a big old hug. Gotta love that girl!

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