Monday, May 11, 2009

My Kids' Teachers ROCK!

I have to get up early tomorrow - very early, so what am I doing up at 12:15 AM????!!! Well, I am sharing with you WHY I am getting up early - I appreciate my kids' teachers - more than you could ever know. My kids are happy - at home AND at school. Three of my kids can read (the fourth is only 10 months so we'll give her a pass on this part). My kids can count, in English AND in Spanish. And to be honest they can count up pretty darn far! (Again a pass for the little squirt - we'll just excuse her from the rest of this...even though she loves the boys' teachers too!)

Anyway, there folks spend a good chunk of time with my kids for a decent part of the year, and the kids are clearly well adjusted (well, except for the random comments), and are clearly happy. So it is definitely my pleasure to do what I can to show my appreciation for these teachers (and the rest of the staff to be honest) by helping set them up with food. And thus year, it's LOTS of food. We did breakfasts four days last week, and are doing a luncheon tomorrow along with gift baskets. Parents have really stepped up and are supplying a bunch of food, and they too are showing their appreciation by feeding the staff. But not all of them volunteered to be up early and show their appreciation at 7:45 am. But I shouldn't complain - my hubby - my dear sweet, doesn't function in the AM hubby was up at school last Friday at 6:30 cooking pancakes for the staff...

So now I can go to sleep. My kids' teachers really do rock, and I don't mind losing a few winks to share that with you.

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