Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It came really late in the season, but we finally got some snow that stuck! Unfortunately it was really cold and overcast, and since the kid shave been sick so much this winter I didn't even consider letting them outside to play...and they were bummed. Not quite the worst mom even, but not letting your kiddos play in the soft fluffy whiteness? Yeah, not scoring any cool mom points there. Anyway, it was Lucy's first really snow as well, so the boys sat down with her to explain what was going on:

But now it's freezing rain, sleet, and snow that is coming down, which means that it's not only nasty out now, but it's also very dangerous. Hopefully school will be cancelled in the morning so we don't have to venture out, but if not we are parked at the TOP of the driveways, which has been shovelled off, and our wiper blades are UP! Hopefully though we will be able to sleep in in the morning and not wrapping up in all kinds of warm clothes and heading out. Keep your fingers crossed!

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