Friday, January 30, 2009

Girl hair?

So at some point along the way a decision has to be made by every parent of a girl what to do with their hair. Well, being the mom of three boys (and basically being given free "hair reign" up until this point) I am at a total loss. This is how we've solved hair problems in the past:

But somehow I'm thinking that this won't fly with Lucy. She's...well...she's a girl and I'm pretty sure that I shouldn't go anywhere near her with those clippers. But BOWS? Well, OF COURSE! I'm from Texas after all, you know, land of the big hair and even bigger bows? Well, maybe my upbringing in Texas should have something to do with Lucy's hair - and maybe the bigger the better. Well, yeah, maybe not today - big Texas hair is not the "in thing" right now. So back to the question - what the heck DO you do with a beautiful baby girl's curly curly head of hair???!!!???


Krissy said...

You can control the curl! just gotta go with it and hope for some taming! HA! You think I would have figured out curly hair by now!! Good Luck, be glad you don't have humidity to contend with also!

Miss ya! Kristen

Laura said...

My girl has very little, straight wispy hair, and I don't know how to handle it either!!! I'm getting her a haircut and we'll see if that helps! I've heard to start early with the bows and barrettes so they don't pull them out. Lucy would look good with a soft headband or scarf wrap, I think. Ask your hairdresser about hair oil, too, I think curly hair tends to dry out.
Love your blog!