Monday, January 12, 2009

Max's Violin

One of the cool things about going to a magnet school for arts and sciences is that the third graders get to learn to play the violin. After a full semester of learning all about the violin, learning how to take care of their violin, and learning the basics of reading music, the kids got to bring their violins home. Max was gracious enough to let me film him...

Sorry for the wiggles- I was serving as videographer as well as music stand. Guess we'll need to fix that second part. You'll notice that he's not using a bow yet. Sounds like the teacher wants to preserve her sanity and take things slowly. Then again she's like 11 months pregnant, so there may not be much of that left at this point. Anyway, not knowing anything about the violin I assume that they continue on with this until they get a decent feel for the strings and finger placement before they even introduce the bow. Hopefully we can maintain our own sanity when the bow comes home. As it is we have a violin AND a recorder at home that needs to be practiced every day...yeah..BOTH every day.

But, max is playing splendidly now, and we hope that he enjoys it. I think it's cool...but then again I'm his mom and pretty much everything he does is cool.

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