Friday, August 29, 2008

Open House

The boys had their school open house and it went as follows:

3:15 Park illegally in nearby neighborhood because the lot at school and the library next door were completely full.

3:17 Wave to police officer driving by checking for neighborhood decals and shaking his head upon realizing it was Open House at the school.

3:20 Encourage kids to walk faster, even though they were loaded down with all the thousands of Post It notes, Ziplock Bags, Glue sticks, and tissue boxes they had in their back packs so that hey aren't run over by fellow parents hunting for parking spots in aforementioned full lot.

3:27 Enter cafeteria, tell kids to go figure out what rooms we need to go to, and collect #1's good buddy for a sleep over. Visit quickly with unknown staff member about number of kiddos in my possession, wave quickly through crowd at familiar parents, and head upstairs.

3:30 Enter #1's class. Smile and wave at first teacher. Hunt up second teacher, grab packet and forms and furiously fill out. Husband enters the room - have him dump #1's supplies and gather children to hit next classroom. First teacher sees #1 and give him big huge hug.

3:37 Apologize to both teachers, hand back one form, and duck out so as not to miss meeting next TWO teachers before 4pm.

3:40 Arrive in #2's kindergarten classroom. Meet instructional assistant, ask for forms, sharing that there's still one more class to hit before this shindig ends at 4pm, and furiously begin filling out forms. Instruct #1 and his good buddy to dump supplies and tell hubby to take #2 to meet teacher.

3:45 See #2 looking around room tentatively, then see him smile at new teacher.

3:48 Apologize to teacher for bolting, hand over forms, and dash to next location, dragging four kids along.

3:48 Arrive across the hall at #3's class. Fill in first available form, then second form, then volunteer form (all located in different places). Meet teacher, watch #3 dance around then run in circles in his new classroom (that's always a positive sign). Meet Instructional Assistant who speaks Spanish to #3, which mortifies him completely until she asks him in English if he speaks Spanish. See smile creep back over #3's face.

3:55 Meet teacher and finish filling out forms. Announcement comes over PA - time to go. Volunteer to come in on first day and help.

4:00 Make way to front door of school, but stop to ask about bus situation in front office.

4:10 Visit with friends while #3 and hubby hit the head.

4:25 Everyone piles in car and waits for Mom who is still visiting.

4:35 Head to grocery store for donuts and snacks for sleep over. Donuts always make scary open house / first day of school jitters fade quickly.

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The Firth Five said...

Hey Suzie,
Your open house lasts all day? Did you decide to split the boys in Kinder, or is it a school decision?
I always wanted the boys together for Kinder, because Brendan had the best teacher, and I wanted them both to have the experience of having her. Also, with the monthly parties, field trips, it would be crazy! I'm nervous, yet excited about them starting school tomorrow. They've got great teachers, but I can't believe the day has finally come! You will have to update how it's going!
Take care!!!