Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And this is why I've been ignoring you...

Yeah, it's time once again for my big excuse. This time it's a good one - I promise! It comes along only once every four years, and this time the networks are absolutely killing me. The Olympics is on and they have about a bajillion hours of coverage of every event from curling to downhill. WAIT - wrong season! From equestrian to beach volleyball! And of course there's some folks that run fast, jump high, swim fast, and throw far. Then there are those that poke at each other with swords, kick and punch each other, row in these little boats, and shoot at stuff. The cool part of it all is that these folks are the best in their respective fields that our country has to offer. They are impressive beyond belief. But what's also impressive are the countless athletes that don't make the finals. They too are representing our country and are giving it their all in their sport. It blows my mind how much these folks sacrifice for their sport and their country. So thanks for not only occupying my time over the past week or so, but thanks as well for doing a magnificent job of entertaining me and the other billion or so people watching all over the world!

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