Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh the carnage!

These three boys threw their heart and soul into their sunflower and pumpkin garden. They planted the seeds in peat pots, watered and grew their seeds until they were mature enough to plant, planted the stems and watered and watched the stems grow into beautiful sunflowers and pumpkin vines. And yesterday nature took back some of it's own.
These next few images broke my little boys' hearts:

It was probably a squirrel / chipmunk / deer that had a late breakfast. It seems that more than one critter was involved as the damage went beyond that of the deer nipping the tops off. Needless to say the boys were very sad. But there was one very hidden survivor:

It was nestled among the bushes and was being protected by a smallish spider. So there will be at least one sunflower hanging out with us for the next few days.

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