Monday, November 19, 2007


Seems that the nasty yuk hasn't quite left our house. As of today I'm the only one who still has it, but Ian has lingering effects of it - he's hacking and coughing as we speak (and yes, it's 11pm here - but he's coughing in his sleep). Can't be good for him poor little guy, but he refuses to take cough suppressant and I'm not up for a fight tonight. So, he hacks and coughs in his sleep. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully we will be feeling better.

We spent the past weekend in Texas visiting with Dad and Doreen and attending Dad's retirement ceremony. Nice to see him taking time for himself after all these years of working. We'll see how he adjusts to having free time, and see if he fills it all with "things to do," or if he just hangs out and relaxes some. I'm voting for the latter (Uh, Hello Dad - get it?).

We left town on Thursday and I was busy doing laundry on Wednesday night so that we'd have some clothes (I'm terribly behind on the whole laundry thing right now). Half way through my second load of about five that I was planning to do, the dryer STOPS WORKING. Uh, hullo? Don't you know that we are leaving town tomorrow and I have other things to do? So, instead of doing some of those other things I spent two hours at the laundromat. Now, this turned out to be much better than I expected. I piled my load of half dry clothes, the load from the washer that was clean but wet, and all that I could stuff into a couple of big baskets and headed a block up the street. Wouldn't have been so bad but it was pouring down rain. Now, I haven't been to a laundromat in YEARS. We've had a washer dryer in just about every place we've lived in for probably the past 15 years or so. Can remember one place in Sarasota that didn't have a washer/dryer, but that was waaaaay back when. Anyway, I took my quarters, clothes and detergent in and started the loads going. Two hours later all five loads were done. Amazing. Except for the rent a cop coming in and scaring off the migrant workers (who weren't bothering anyone and just had come in to find some refuge from the cold and rain) not much went on. I read the paper, drank my coke and folded clothes as they came out. I might need to do this more often. If I can get five loads done in 120 minutes - folded and everything - you might hear about this again!

Meanwhile the "dryer repair guy," aka Tom, promised to look at it tomorrow night after his meeting. Nothing exciting as we've already fixed the dryer twice (well, Tom fixed the dryer thus he's the repair guy...) and he says it should be another easy fix. Hopefully he's right as the dryer that came with the house doesn't work and was kind of old looking anyway. So, hopefully in a few days we will have a functional dryer. In the meantime I might just have to take a morning and head off to the laundromat again. Who knows how much laundry I can get clean with a bit of planning!

Oh yeah...and I forgot to pick up Bunsen from the vet (where he was boarded). Hope he doesn't notice...

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