Monday, November 12, 2007

Who knew?

Who knew...
...that one of my kiddos can do a handstand on the wall?
...that the other kiddo would follow suit when he saw the first one doing it?
...that both little guys can climb a ladder/wall up to about 10 feet without any trouble?
...that both kiddos look like monkeys when swing on a rope?
...that they would bounce like maniacs on a trampoline?
...that one would hang as he moved along the length of a high bar them plummet into a foam pit?
...that the other would hang for only a second then squeal with delight as he fell into the pit?
...that they would roll and tumble and climb and flip until they had to be told that class was over?
...that they would talk for ten minutes about all the cool stuff they did at their first gymnastics class?

Not me...but this is where I found myself this morning as the little boys went to their very first gymnastics class!

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