Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mom I colored you a PICTURE!

Yeah. Sounds good on paper, but on my beige burber CARPET? Done in DRY ERASE MARKER??? Yeah, not cool. Fortunately, Oxy Clean Laundry stuff gets the stains out...mostly. Yes, the laundry stuff because that's all we had. Now we have light pink and blue stains on the lovely beige berber carpet. Oh, and it's the only carpet in the entire house.

When asked if they wrote on the carpet, Sam answered "It was an accident." Nice, but we don't believe you. We can clearly see your name there. Sigh...double sigh...and the biggest sigh of all is that history is repeating itself. Apparently my kids are genetically programmed to write on the carpet with a semi permanent market. Max did the exact same thing when he was 4.5 years old...on my grey berber carpet...with a red Sharpie.


Anonymous said...

I can remember that Suzie. Boys, what ya gonna do with them? :)


Leanne said...


I always wonder, when I see those nice houses all done up in magazine who actually lives there. I mean my house has a HUGE stain on the carpet right now too. It is also a HUGE mess, with EVERYTHING wvery where.

How lives in these designer houses? Does anyone or are they just put in magazines to make us all feel inadequate?