Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Third try is the charm?

I am just about ready to toss this computer out on the street in front of the biggest fullest garbage truck I can find. This is the THIRD post I've typed up. So, instead of a great article on the San Antonio Spurs (and an apology for hiding out for so long), you get this and not much else. I'll get the Spurs article up tomorrow (providing I can get ANYTHING posted to this blog) and the apology is that I'm sorry that it's been so long.

Quickly (in case my computer objects once again to what I'm writing...)

We got new cell phones - I got the Motorola Q which is a cell phone/mobile internet thingy.
We joined Blockbuster online and have seen some good movies and some bad movies (Ewww).
I bought my first real bra today.
I am now allowed to drive.
I feel a bit stronger each day.

O.K. That's the update - more on the Spurs tomorrow! GO SPURS!