Thursday, May 24, 2007

Suzie needs...

Google games. hadn't heard of them, but just ran across one. Type your name + needs into Google and see what pops up. Here's what I got - how about you?

"Now is the time to think about Suzie's needs."
AHHH Yeah.

"Suzie needs $600."
Not really, but hey, if you are sharing...

"Suzie needs her curtains taken down, washed and put back up, the freezer defrosted and the floors scrubbed."
I whole heartedly support this one!

"Suzie Needs To Shut It"
Heard this in nicer terms in my three year old pre-school class (when I was 3, of course!)

"Suzie needs a flu shot but she hasn’t had one yet"
Kind of random.

"Suzie needs to calm the f*** down"
Well, this isn't the first time I've heard this one

"Suzie needs to find a solution which will allow her to take the rest of the year off work"
I agree!

"Suzie needs to know if anybody needs to be added or deleted"

"Suzie needs to buy six 33- cent stamps using EXACT change"
OOO - This one has story problem written all over it

This one tops it all - and I'm not making this up (found it here):
"Suzie needs to think about the fact that there's no escape from Tom."

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