Saturday, September 02, 2006


Why do some people task me so? I was happily driving to Starbucks (yeah, it was the Barnes and Noble that drew me initially but I just couldn't pass up the Starbucks while I was there), when this foul woman changed my mood for a brief moment. I had gotten my nails filled, picked up some stuff at Home Depot, and was driving around the corner to the Starbucks when this woman snaked my parking spot. I was driving up the aisle to a spot - not a close spot but a spot - when she zipped around the corner and honked at me and drove right into the spot. It's not like there weren't other spots around, but that's the one I was in the process of pulling into. My mistake was pausing when I saw a car careening around the corner - so as not to g et hit. After parking she jumped out and RAN into the B & N. Guess she needed that coffee more than I did (or she saw my stunned face and was afraid), but it put me in a foul mood for a brief moment none the less. But, books and magazines always cheer me up, as does coffee. It's that Pumpkin Latte that filled my belly and the scrapbook mags that put the sparkle back in my eye!

There's just no need to steal spots, regardless of how thirsty one is. Didn't we all learn to share when we were little? Guess some people missed that day of life.

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