Monday, September 04, 2006

Oh, crikey.

Man, what a weird thing to hear. Steve Irwin, famous for his crocodile exploits, was killed by a stingray of all things today. He was filming a segment called Ocean's Desliest off the Great Barrier Reef when the ray shot it's barb right into his heart. Normally stings from these animals aren't fatal, but it punctured his heart and there wasn't anything they could do to save him.

This is a man who wrangles snakes, alligators, and some pretty creepy looking spiders, and here he was taken down by a stingray. It's just a terribly odd thing, and I never expected some creature as delicate and as plain (for lack of abetter term) to get him. Guess I figured it woud be a crocodile or deadly snake, or mayeb even one of those spiders. Regardless, we'll certainly miss seeing all of his exploits. We are Crocodile Hunter fans here and I'm sure that a good chunk of the rest of the world is mourning his loss.

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