Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What Floats Tom's Boat

So do you want to see what floats Tom's boat these days? (Don't worry - this is still a PG rated blog and will continue to be so unless you are warned...)

He was looking for something else online and stumbled across this NEW Lego Star Wars game. You see, we have the first one that Lego came out with - and it really is cute. All those little Lego people and creatures running around with Light Sabers! When you kill them the bricks just come apart - no blood or guts (my kind of game!). Tom saw this one and started giggling in anticipation - yes, giggling (and I know he'll read this and that's exactly what you did!). You could almost see him doing a happy dance right here in his chair.

Max is basically addicted to the first one (bad mom, but hey, it has a cute little Anakin and even a cute little Darth maul - he really is cute as a Lego dude!), and now there's a second one. The second one covers the original three movies, while the one we have covers the more recent movies (of which Max has seen two - but not the last one [Ep III] as it was WAAAAAY to dark and violent for his little mind).

Anyway, we're ordering it straight away and we're going to put it to good use I'm sure...

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