Thursday, June 17, 2010


No, it's not Fozzie Bear like I know you are thinking (that's what I thought of first). It's WORLD CUP!!!! I have been watching loads of soccer and have, for the first time in my adult life, thoroughly enjoyed the games that I've watched. Not so happy with all of the outcomes, but the games are certainly fun to watch.

Back to the WAKA WAKA. Well, a friend of mine popped me a note with this link: (you really should click through on the link - it's short but it explains it all). Being a big Shakira fan, I was excited right off the bat. Then I saw what Shakira was doing with this project - spreading the word about access to education (a lack of it to be precise), so I signed on right away to help get this dance danced and this video made. Alice, a brilliant mind, knew that this type of activity was the perfect fit for our school, and boy was she right. So, in the span of three days, we pulled it off, and the fantastic result is here:

Our kids can dance with the best of 'em! Thanks Alice for bringing some WAKA WAKA to Bailey's!

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