Saturday, June 12, 2010

My kids are "Good" Criminals - NOT.

After losing electronics privileges for some random act of silliness, the boys decided that they were going to be criminals. But they weren't going to be good criminals, as Tom calls them, just criminals. They snuck the electronics out of the cabinet in our bedroom, put them under their pillows, and played them until the wee hours of the night. They were sleep deprived the next day and because I was under the weather (and had been for about a week and a half at that point) I missed it completely. Mo Mom radar was off, and they actually snuck one by me. So me, the level headed generous in spirit Mom, threw down the royal punishment. No electronics until the summer. Clearly they haven't yet learned not to mess with Mom. Now, they had been "good criminals," then htey might have had a decent story or even snuck the things back to play another day, but no. They left the handhelds right under their pillows. So the first night that I was back up and giving bedtime hugs, which involved me feeling under their pillows to see what is stashed there, I found the DS's So between violating the rules and then the poor criminal activity follow up, these kids got the big-time punishment. The punishment fit the crime, and they are still without electronics as we still have a week of school left. It's been two weeks now, and they are slightly more polite, play outside more, and don't talk back as much, so maybe this whole no electronics thing is good. And maybe they'll look at me funny tomorrow and lose another week. ;) Poor kids, no idea who they are dealing with.

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