Sunday, June 27, 2010

SoccerFest 2010

MAC Soccerfest is a big 4 v 4 tournament played on a big old farm (yes, a farm) in Maryland every year in June. This year we took both a boys U-7 team, and a boys U-9 team. Both teams were made up of players from a few different teams that Tom has coached over the past year or two. Both teams had a fantastic time, and the little boys' team even won 2nd in their bracket (they got medals and were very pleased with themselves)! We are so proud of all three of our boys and all of the rest of the kids that came out to play, and are really glad that everyone had a good time!

Ian and Sam lined up for a game (look for the red socks)
Max's game (he's on the far right going after a ball out of frame)
U-7 Parents and U-9 kids (in white jerseys) watching the U-7 team play
Sam taking a break between games
Diana helping Lucy to apply her "bows"
Lucy had fun too!
U-7 Piranhas

U-9 Revolution
Ian's Medal

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