Monday, June 21, 2010

My new friend

Actually, it's a new member of the family, but it doesn't make as big of a mess as any of the other members of the family. I am the proud new owner of a coffee maker. Yes, me who doesn't drink caffeinated anything, owns the slick, cool, Keurig Elite Coffeemaker.
It's actually a birthday present, but I was tired of paying Starbucks prices, or going out of my way to duck into the local Bloom to grab coffee, so I bought this for myself as an early present (two months early and Tom keeps reminding me tat I skipped right over two OTHER birthdays in the house when I did this). Anyway, if you are ever over here, I can now serve you a cup of non-instant, actually brewed coffee! I have not only my beloved decaf flavors, but also a few different kinds of fully loaded coffee, and can make a cup in all of 2 minutes. It's not exactly the coolest thing since sliced bread (it's just a coffeemaker and doesn't do laundry) but of all the coffeemakers that I've seen it's the easiest and fastest, and it makes darn good coffee!

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