Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Please Don't Touch!

Dear parents of kids everywhere,

I'm not starting this off by announcing the arrival of the plague, swine flue, or any other terrible ill in our house, but I will say that it's cold and flu season, and I have a one year old. This means that you need to teach your kids not to touch my child in the face or hands, especially when they have a cold or cough, or have been sick recently. I'm not one to seclude my kids all winter, I'm all about letting them run free, but at the same time, let's not share germs here unnecessarily folks. And it's not the babies that I'm talking about. That contact is unavoidable. That, and the moms of wee ones seem to have a better grasp on their slightly under the weather kids. It's the 8 year olds that run up and want to hug and kiss on my daughter. Yes, I know she's cute, and yes, she's friendly, but still. There's no need to wipe your nose on the back of your hand then grab her hand to go play. She gets enough of that from her brothers. Don't cough at her please - just turn away - don't they teach this to you in school if nowhere else??!!?? There's also no need to put your hands all over her face and proceed to wipe her down with whatever germs you have. Parents, please let your kids know that they need to ASK before touching a baby or a toddler - especially when they are sick. I implore you to talk to your kids about this. my boys would NEVER approach a baby and proceed to touch him or her, especially when they aren't 100%. They love looking at the babies, but they know better. So please teach your kids to have the same respect for my one year old.


The mommy that nearly went ballistic on a 8 year old covered in green snot trying to play with my daughter yesterday

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