Thursday, October 08, 2009

Here come the hornets!

Way back when - two houses ago actually - we had an invasion of the hornets. One took off after Max and that was the end of that nest. Apparently Giant European Hornets and lawn mowers doesn't mix. Anyway, last night as Tom and I sat eating dinner in the dining room, I heard a thumping noise in the sunroom. Chicken that I am, I asked Tom to go see what critter was in there as the door was left open and something had obviously wandered in. I was thinking that a gang of chipmunks, squirrels, birds, or even a pack of wild dogs had moved in, but no. It was our very own Giant European Hornets. Three of them in all. After Tom hunted them all down and killed them, two were in good enough shape to ship off to school in a plastic container - because that's what we do with cool bugs around here. Tom called me a science nerd, but hey, cool looking bugs are cool looking bugs. And look how BIG they are (bigger than this quarter):

But hopefully this is the last we see of these guys - they are fierce looking!

1 comment:

Venus Vaughn said...

That's a quarter?!
I thought that was a dime. Scary.