Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Ride

So I ran into a neighbor's mailbox, needed a 30,000 mile check up on my van, and am driving a teeny tiny car. I'll explain the mailbox later because there's actually a funny story about that. The van, well, it's not quite at 30K, but I figure that since we need to repair the mirror that we can jump the gun a bit on that. And the car, well, it's cute and all:

but it surely won't fit my four kids and all of their car seats. Probably won't even fit the four kids without the car seats! So, the dealer promised me the van back by 1:30, but I'm not holding my breath. I plan on arriving at 1:30 (unless I get a call sooner) and waiting around until they give m something large enough to haul these kids around - be it my own vehicle, or some larger rental. In the meantime I get to zip around in this cute little car. Lucy was digging it at first because she can see out the back window (she's still rear facing until she's 2 - new recommendations), but then the reality that the rear window wasn't that exciting set in and she started objecting. So, we will tootle around today for a bit in this mini version of a car, free of chicken nuggets, soccer balls, and stinky boys, and hopefully will get our own car back all in one piece, all tuned up, and get on with our day.

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