Sunday, September 20, 2009

Max's First U-9 Soccer Game

It was Max's First U-9 Travel game this past weekend, and low and behold I forgot my camera. Here's the one picture that I did take at the game:
Yeah, in case you couldn't figure it out here's the blurry one in the middle, you know, way across the field with the red jersey on. This is right before they started playing - my iPhone is cool but the camera is sucky when it comes to action shots so I had to grab the only sitting still shot I could. Anyway, while Max was playing Ian and Sam found a way to occupy themselves as well:
Yes, they were tailgating - 6 year old style. But in case you were wondering, Max really did wear a red jersey - and he did the uniform proud at the game! He was a blur of red on that field, and he settled right into a defensive position (sweeper for all those soccer players out there) and enjoyed the heck out of his first game with his new team. We were so proud of the way he played - and even though his team lost he really enjoyed it as well! Next weekend - TWO games!

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