Tuesday, September 22, 2009


At some point it happens to the best of us - the fridge light burns out. And we dilly dally to replace it. And since it's so dark in there when we dig around, we tend not to notice (or ignore - I'll be honest here) the fact that there's no food in there. And the kids complain and grumble that they are hungry and that we don't have any food...blah, blah, blah. But, the light is still burnt out.
But we soon discover (after a mere three months in the house) that there's a light in the DRYER of all places. After literally two loads a day for the past two months, the light turned on and off every time and never ONCE did I suspect that such a thing even existed. So *PPPHHHTTTT* to you burnt out fridge light. The dryer has a light and it works.


jtondra said...

Ohh but just wait till the one in the dryer burns out. That is when I noticed I had one. It took too many minutes and three tools to open the magic box it was hidden in. Only to find out it was a mysterious size and shape that now after months I have not found or perhaps just quit looking.
Dryer still works fine and I really never look in there anyway.


Erica M. said...

Funny, because the light went out in my dryer (which is in the dark basement) and I have looked for months and months for a replacement bulb and can't find the right size. That's no fun at all.

Suzie said...

OH NO! That doesn't bode well for my future lighted drying ventures!